ALHUI Foundation. 


Our goal is to protect musical instruments and sheet music that they are lost over time.

Due to the many stops of European music associations such as brass band, drumming band, vocal clubs, string orchestras,



The ALHUI Foundation wants to take over the instruments and sheet music by protecting and preserving it for the future within Europe.

If an association is started and need instruments, these can be borrowed from ALHUI Foundation first for 1 year, if the association continues then the instruments can be taken over at a rent or be donated in consultation per year.




The ALHUI Foundation wants to achieve its goals by organizing music concerts and applying for funds, with the aim of spending this revenue on its objectives.

You may donate the ALHUI Foundation . The ALHUI Foundation is an official cultural charitable foundation.

The board of the ALHUI Foundation has decided on April 24, 2020 to change its statutes and immediately add a new objective, namely to encourage people to sport exercise for good health. The ALHUI foundation intends to organize sports competitions, triathlon, recreational running competitions. Because of the Corona virus, our world comes to a standstill. The ALHUI foundation wants to make the world run again in a sporty healthy area.The ALHUI foundation wants to achieve its goals by organizing music concerts & Sport competitions and applying for funds, with the aim of spending these proceeds on its objectives.



Founder of  ALHUI Foundation is Mr. Albert Huizeling from village Nes, Friesland, Island Ameland The Netherlands. Gifts and donations are possible to report to the tax authorities as a deductible item. Donation by means of inheritance is possible through the official bodies such as a notary bureau or lawyer.






If you have any questions about ALHUI Foundation, please contact us.

Founder/Chairman Mr. A. Huizeling.

Board member Mr F. Hulsebos


Statutory seat: Nes-Ameland.

Visiting address Kolkweg 5 9163HK

Nes-Ameland The Netherlands.


Chamber of Commerce 70935718.  RSIN 858517231. SBI-code 9002.

Activity: Conservation of music & sport culture in European Union.